Hi, I'm SkyDesign

There's no secound chance for a first impression

Hey, my name is Revital Sky.

My name is Revital, I am 24 years old from israel.
I’m a graphic designer and web designer, a graduate at John Bryce College- Tel Aviv

It is important for me to be in a constant movement of development and keep up to date with
all the trends that are becoming in the world of design in print and digital so that i can give an

accurate, up-to-date, creative and contemporary answers to my clients.
I have high organizational skills.

Highly motivated and ambitious, As part of my role I have always demanded excellence
I believe in completeness, and that there’s no second chance for a first impression

  that’s why I went to study design

With the advancement of the world and the development of technology i started already at

the age 14 to design pictures, at 16 i opened an instagram account, i started learning and

getting interested, and very quickly I was already creating content for instagram pages.

I fell in love with graphic design and went to study it in depth. 

In 2020-2021 I went to college to study a course in graphic design, UI/UX, web development, WordPress and HTML.

And now I am self-employed Looking to design the next line for you


profesional website design for all types of devices.


The most innovative and trendy 
feautures on the market.


The most convenient and easy
user experience.

A few things i'm great at

Everyone has sides that are stronger.

Responsive design

speciallize in responsiveness in diffrent type of devices.


i have a lot of patience for people and their desires,
Especially f idea; with a little patience and my understanding in design we will reach the perfect results.


i'm a very creative person,i relly or people who do not know how to express theirlike and appreciate creativity.

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Opening Hours

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Monday – Friday
Saturday – Sunday

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