About me

Hey, my name is Revital Sky.

I'm a graphic designer and web designer, a graduate af John Bryce College- Tel Aviv.It is important for me to be in a constant movement of development and keep up to date with all the trends that are becoming in the world of design in print and digital so that i can give an

accurate, up-to-date, creative and contemporary answer to my clients.

I belive in completeness, and that there's no second chance for a first impression  that's why i went to study design.

From since i remember my self, i have always loved colors and painting, in school students would always take my notebook to copy the material. 

With the advancement of the world and the development of technology i started already at

the age 14 to design pictures, at 16 i opened an instagram account, i stareted learning and

getting interested, and very quickly i was already creating content for instagram pages.

Today i own four Instagram accounts of companies i promote. 

I fell in love with graphic design and went to study it in depht. 

As a graduate of John Bryce College i can offer you more services experience what perfection is.

Why John Bryce?

I chose John Bryce College because after an in-depth examination of the course and about other colleges I realized that at John Bryce my success will be much greater and guaranteed.
The course offers a wide range of topics, from logo design to website design of 20 pages or more.

Why graphic design?

I chose the graphic design track because after I graduated I didn't really know what to do with myself, what I did know was that I really like design and painting.
I chose a short course of a year to check if I connect to the digital field .. and it turned out that I really like and even want to complete a degree.
My goal is to be an international designer

Why ui/ux ?

In its simplest form, the difference between UI and UX is like the difference between what and why.

UX is an abbreviation of the phrase USER EXPERIENCE, which describes the experience that the user goes through in a multidimensional look within your product. And when I say experience, I mean the answers to all the questions of "what" such as: what will be the screen after the login screen, what will happen if the user does not have internet ?, what will happen when they press the button.

UI is short for USER INTERFACE and the direct meaning is how everything described in UX will look. Why is the button yellow, why is the size of the tab like this ?, why do the images move from side to side.

Not for nothing in the complex process of building an application or user interface, the UX stage comes before the UI stage
If you think about it in the form of good food, then the UX is the recipe and the UI is the product.

What is ux?

UX – The first step in the process: the user experience
The user experience describes the route that the user goes from the moment he installs the app to the goal you set him to do. A UX expert knows how to make this route accessible in the most intuitive and shortest way and use the tools and behavioral conventions of its users most effectively.

What is ui?

UI The second step in the process: the user interface
Use experiential elements according to the target audience that include, colors, graphic language, animations, sizes and weights in order to connect the user in the closest way to the experience. Different apps use a different nature of user interfaces depending on the domain that the app expresses and depending on the nature of its target audiences.

A correct, accurate and effective combination of UX and UI with regard to the set of parameters to be considered creates, almost without awareness, a smooth, intuitive and effective movement for the use of the application and is a direct expression of its success and multiplicity of usefulness.

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