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Crypto Stars, from the word crypto which is from trade and stars from the sentence that the sky is not the limit it is only the beginning, so are the customers of Crypto Stars. We tried to give a sense of innovation and digital currency and this is what came out. The endless shape that foreshadows success and also when the logo was created I used arrows, the arrows are just like in commerce. The colors of the logo are blue-Mainly associated with the color of the sky and water, which gives it the quality of one of the elements of the world. Many adjectives are associated with blue, sky blue, navy blue, royal blue and more. Blue is the color of peace, which expresses trust, calmness and security, communicates with spiritual virtues, encourages contentment, inspiration, faith, loyalty, stability, rituals and patience, justice and truth, intellect, modesty and generosity. Transmits freshness, creates a feeling of airiness and space, instills a feeling of peace and calm, positivity and optimism. The blue represents the throat chakra and therefore also communicates.

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